Making Bitcoin Into A Company

Bitcoin was created in 2008 as an open source project, in the time since many corporations have cloned, butchered & attempted to compete with Bitcoin and its Blockchain. Some businesses have built products & services on Bitcoin itself & use its Blockchain as a backbone.

Satoshi Nakamoto first released Bitcoin into the wild in 2009 unleashing concepts & ideas that have changed the world forever. Bitcoin itself is the embodiment of these concepts & ideas, this is why I have created a corporate entity and company to help protect, preserve & promote them globally using the power of the corporation.

The purpose of Bitcoin, inc will be to bring all of the best products, services, software, hardware and people that make Bitcoin amazing & useful into one place. Bitcoin, inc has a long term plan, to help earth transition to a Bitcoin based society. It will take the next 100+ years to accomplish, that will always be the goal of Bitcoin, inc. Bitcoin needs leadership constantly, yet has lost many of its leaders over the last 8 years.

Bitcoin, inc strives to be a leader in organizing & maintaining the corporate affairs of Bitcoin, its commodity uses, Bitcoin Full Nodes, Bitcoin Development, Bitcoin Regulations, Bitcoin Intellectual Property as well as its specific case uses that can be monetized into Bitcoin inc Products & Services. At the same time protecting the public utility of Bitcoin Core & free use of Bitcoin. This is to turn the concepts created forth by Satoshi into a company with products & employees that can benefit all of Bitcoin and it's users.

Bitcoin has a brand that must be protected, a network of nodes that needs to be preserved & a series of case uses that needs to be promoted. This mission we take responsibility for, that Bitcoin will always be functional, profitable & successful in all jurisdictions, institutions and businesses that need Bitcoin to operate. Bitcoin inc has created a roadmap for Bitcoin itself to hire employees globally, pay developers salaries, supply customer service, evolve compliance, ip protection, as well as form legal and financial departments. This will bring new value and function to the Bitcoin ecosystem as well as bring Bitcoin to more users, businesses & governments worldwide.

Morgan Rockwell
CEO of BITCOIN, inc.