Voting On The Blockchain

Bitcoin has first been used as money by sending Bitcoins or it's domination called a Satoshi from one address to another, signifying the transfer of value or money from one peer to another peer. This abstract concept of cryptocurrency has a underlying voting mechanism to most of its fundamental core principals, such as Proof-Of-Work and Satoshi consensus. To agree upon the ledger that is tamper proof is one of the most valuable network effects ever created, first realized by a ledger of money, soon a ledger of creations and in the future a ledger of decisions.

The first implementation of voting on the Bitcoin Blockchain is a simple idea called BitCongress. This system uses a multiple layers to create a separation of powers within the application. This is done by using Bitcoin for appropriations, funds and records via the Proof-Of-Work Blockchain. Then there is Counterparty for votes, statements, data, notes and other kinds of inputs and outputs. Finally there is Smart Contracts that hold the elections, the laws, the rules, the applications, the organizations, corporations & autonomous agents. These 3 layers are combined into a process, network & application that works on top of basic systems like IFTTT, Bitcoin & Counterparty.

Tokens are utilized within Counterparty as data recorders, secured records, proofs, votes themselves and much more within BitCongress. When a rule, law, election or a proposal is published using BitCongress it is done so by creating a Smart Contract via If-Else statements running on a server hosted on a Full Node device. This smart contract holds the addresses of different things you can vote on such as candidates, yes answers, no answers, legal choices, rule changes, ect. This is where the Bitcoin, Counterparty Tokens & Smart Contracts all come together in what we call BitCongress.

Focusing now on a mobile application for Android in 2017, we are building a material design based user interface on top of the Blockchain backbone for an Android App that will work well with Android Wear, Auto & at Home. Building on several Google APIs and Android OS, the first BitCongress app will use many of the latest Android features including NFC, Assistant & VR. The application layer is being constantly updated with the new cross platform operating system versions such as all previous Android Versions, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows 10, Blackberry & Linux, to allow everyone, everywhere to use BitCongress.

This project has now pioneered and grown to become a company and a platform. BitCongress will always be free. This application and underlying back end will all be open source as well as patented to prevent infringing or intimidating of use of such as system of legislation, voting & governance. The creation of a open system to post laws & vote on anything you can think of will change society forever. It will give every person the power to send taxes where they want them to go. Users can give appropriations & funding to any address of a candidate, legislation budget or appropriations for a new proposal.

BitCongress is allowing every user to be in charge of their societies current local laws, county funds, state budgets & federal tax appropriations. This is the goal of BitCongress and voting on the Blockchain in general, to bring together the words like vote, money, rule, law, share, value and put them inside the Bitcoin itself, this may show the world that Bitcoin is more then anyone ever imagined. It will show the world that Bitcoin is the peoples currency & the peoples vote.

Morgan Rockwell
CEO of BITCOIN, inc.