Moving Bitcoin Forward

Satoshi Nakamoto has been the character that most people look up to for guidance in many areas around this new technology called Bitcoin. The unfortunate fact that Satoshi may be dead or be as made up as Santa Claus may be a depressing though to not just Bitcoin enthusiasts but also lawyers at companies who think about using Bitcoin within their products, thus interfering with their intellectual property rights of their own products interacting with Bitcoin code. Satoshi is the creator of Bitcoin, but it was seen from the start that Satoshi would not be building his identity to be a leader. Like most creators in business, there is usually someone else who runs the business. Bitcoin is an autonomous entity all on its own, but I imagine it needs a home & some friends.

Control is absent in a decentralized project full of characters of flesh and code. Governance is fought for in an attempted undermining of superiority within a gang like mentality devoid of both democracy & representation. There was a chaotic stupidity wrapped around temporary egos only trained by televisions and toys. This is not a place for making leaders, Bitcoin is an ocean full of pirates, in the Disney movie, the truth is heros are pirates like Jack Sparrow.

Without a CEO, President, Chairman of the Board the concept of interaction with Bitcoin on a corporate level has been a common non thought. Honestly without a company, board of directors, bylaws or even a functional foundation council, the lack of leadership within Bitcoin has devolved into a mad max like situation showing a continued fight for VC funds, space in blocks for your transactions and even soon to be rarer mining hardware access by limited ASIC manufacturing outside of China.

Government is not people, in the United States its two pieces of hemp paper containing base rules for the US society. This kind of decree ruling and constitutional governance is able to live in a Blockchain environment and within the terms set out by Satoshi Nakamoto the Creator of Bitcoin. This character has not been able to legally represent Bitcoin by show of no control over the Bitcoin Core code as well as no documentation showing incorporation, trademark, copyright or patenting of any parts, titles, logos or processes of Bitcoin.

We feel at Bitcoin, inc that if Satoshi was a person who could act under his or her own accord and control would do so in their actions to fully protect Bitcoin legally within the United States of America & from here to the rest of the world. Bitcoin use is too important to every person on the planet to be left to chaos or chance. Protecting, preserving and promoting Bitcoin is the mantra we follow at Bitcoin, inc. Spreading this mantra to the worlds businesses, institutions and governments is the long term goal of this corporate entity. The company Bitcoin, inc is a platform that the Bitcoin community can use for both having a home for Bitcoiners, creating a profit on products that can directly pay developers, branding Bitcoin as the most important technology in modern history & selling it as the coolest thing since fire.

Morgan Rockwell
CEO of BITCOIN, inc.